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Citizen Science sizzle reel ptoduced by Derek Ryan Stewart, Excelsior Productions NYC. Glass Brain footage courtesy of Neuroscape, University of California, San Francisco


In Citizen Science, our host Dr. Peter Zahos explores the geeks, grifters, and geniuses who are moving science from traditional research labs into garages, collectives and home workshops across the globe.


These citizen scientists are taking intellectual and physical risks every day to manipulate their genetic makeup, zap their brains with electricity to improve memory, and experiment with psychedelic drugs to treat PTSD and depression.


Dr. Zahos looks at a variety of DIY scientific efforts, how we are hacking our brains, splicing our genes, deconstructing viruses, averting climate change, and more – completely outside the boundaries of official science.

For inquires on the Citizen Science project contact Eric Rovner @

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